Introducing Papplewick Parish

The ‘parish of Papplewick’ occupies 715 hectares, and is situated towards the west of central Nottinghamshire, UK. The village of Papplewick is located in the west of the parish. It is 12km (7.5 miles) north of Nottingham and 10km (6.2 miles) south of Mansfield.

In 2011, there were 755 people living in the parish, occupying 300 dwellings (2011 census data). In medieval times the village marked the southern gateway to Sherwood Forest. In 2002 Papplewick was voted as Nottinghamshire’s best kept village (in the population 500-2000 category).

In our parish there is a thriving community, with numerous community and social groups, a public house and an ancient church. Papplewick has the Village Hall shared with neighbouring Linby, and Linby has the school shared with Papplewick.  Visitor attractions in the parish include the village conservation area, containing 18th century cottages and Papplewick Hall. Papplewick Pumping Station is a working museum, situated on the edge of the parish, 2km (1.2mi) east of the village. It comprises a steam-powered pumping engine and is set in grounds which are also a listed garden.  Elsewhere, within and surrounding the parish are areas of woodland, of archaeological and ecological interest, all accessible to the public by a network of footpaths.


Lest We Forget

Papplewick Parish Council remembers all the people from Papplewick parish who have served their country.

It is dedicated in grateful acknowledgement of their achievements and the sacrifices they made.

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