Papplewick conservation area

The centre of the village, the grounds of Papplewick Hall and the Church of St James, have been designated as a conservation area. This means that there are restrictions on development. They are in place to help to conserve the character of the village centre.

These 18th century cottages can be seen on Main Street, in the conservation area. Like many of the buildings on Main Street, they are built of Magnesian Limestone, with pan-tiled roofs

The following buildings in the parish are ‘listed’.

Grade I Papplewick Hall
  Church of St James
Grade 11 Engine House / Boiler House and workshop at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Chetwynd House and Boundary Wall, off Blidworth Waye
  Stable range at Papplewick Hall
  Walled kitchen garden 100 metres north of Papplewick Hall
  Top Farmhouse and adjoining stables, Blidworth Waye
  Barn and stable at Top Farmhouse, Blidworth Waye
  Gate piers and boundary wall, Church of St. James,
  2 headstones 8 metres south-east of south porch, Church of St. James,
  Chest tomb 8 metres south of south porch, Church of St. James
  3 headstones 10 metres south of Tower, Church of St. James
  Vincent Plantation Obelisk 20 metres north-west of Vincent Lodge, Forest Lane
  The Griffins Head, Forest Lane
  No 1 and The Barn, Linby Lane
  Boiler house chimney at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Smithy, stable and cartshed at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Cooling pond at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Deputy’s house at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Superintendent’s house at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Boundary wall and gates at Papplewick Pumping Station
  Numbers 9a, 9b, 11, 15, 17, 19, 2l, 23, and 25 Main Street
  49 Pembroke Cottage, 51 and 53 Main Street
  The Old Post Office, 55 Main Street
  Morton’s Farmhouse, 57 Main Street
  Stable and garage to south of Morton’s Farm, Main Street
  Papplewick Lodge and adjoining stables, Main Street
  Sundial 16 metres north of Papplewick Lodge, Main Street
  Numbers 67, 69, 71, 73 Main Street
  Howe Plantation Obelisk, 70 metres north-east of Woodland Grange, Mansfield Road
  Boundary stone 500 yards west of Mansfield Road
  Boundary stone 30 metres north of Howe Plantation obelisk, Mansfield Road
  Boundary stone north of Papplewick Pumping Station, Longdale Lane,
  Boundary stone at SK 58357 52201
  Boundary stone north of Papplewick Pumping Station, Longdale Lane, at SK 57454 52320
  Boundary stone at the entrance to Newstead Grange at SK 55276 52573.
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