Papplewick Grange

Half a mile or so south of the Griffin’s Head, to the west of Moor Road, and near to the site of Grange Mill was Papplewick Grange, a large mansion.  The house was built around 1780 as the home of James Robinson and his family, but also served as a storage place for finished yarn and as the company offices. When the mills were sold to Richard Hopper and his partners in 1821, he moved into the Grange, and lived there until his death around 1840.  The building survived the demolition of the Grange Mills, and was occupied by different tenants throughout the 19th and early 20th century. When the Montagu estate was dispersed, the Grange was bought by Sir Julien Cahn, and became his home. He moved out about 1930 and the Grange was put up for sale. No buyer could be found, and it was finally pulled down in 1932.  In the 1950s, ‘Papplewick Lido’, a leisure complex, was built on the site of the Grange, and in the grounds and the walled garden.  The ‘lido’ itself was closed and demolished in 1995, and houses have now been built across the site.

This map, from the OS 25″ plan (sheet 33.5) shows Papplewick Grange in 1915.
The track north of the house leads to Grange Farm.  North of the track is the end of the leat leading from Moor Pond, and the site of Grange Mills.

This is a view of the southern facade of Papplewick Grange, taken in about 1890.
At that time it was the home of a Nottingham solicitor called Jesse Hind, and his family
This is a picture of some of the staff of the Grange, taken in about 1890.
Do you know who any of these people were ?  Please let me know.
This is a picture of more of the staff of the Grange, taken in about 1890.
Do you know who any of these people were ?  Please let me know.
This view shows the weir across the R. Leen, where it passed through the grounds of the Papplewick Grange.  The house appears in the right (rear) of the picture.  On the right is the indoor badminton court built by Julien Cahn when he lived here.  In due course this became the site of ‘Papplewick Lido’.

In 1891, the census listed the residents of Papplewick Grange.  They were the family of Jesse Hind, and their servants.

  • Jesse Hind, age 48, b. Nottingham, solicitor
  • Eliza Hind, his wife, age 49, b. Nottingham
  • Edith May Hind, age 20, b. Nottingham
  • Oliver Watts Hind, age 17, b. Nottingham, a scholar
  • Ethel Maud Hind, age 15, b. Nottingham, a scholar
  • Mary Langham, age 34, b. Nottingham, domestic housekeeper
  • Sarah Reed, age 36, b. Peterborough, Hunts, cook
  • Ellen Pilkington, age 23, b. Nottingham, parlourmaid
  • Martha Cheetham, age 24, b. Wisbech, Cambs, housemaid
  • Annie Foster, age 20, b. Caythorpe, Notts, housemaid
  • Annie Wyan, age 20, Donnington Lincs, kitchenmaid
  • William Beecroft, age 39, Annesley, Notts, groom / coachman
  • Harry Wood, age 16, Carrington, Notts, groom / domestic servant
  • Edith Mary Thurlby, age 18, Stragglethorpe, Lincs, domestic servant
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