Papplewick Lodge

Papplewick Lodge is a grade II listed building at the north end of Main Street.  It was probably built by Frederick Montagu in the 18th century, and was once known as the ‘Dower House’.  The original building has been extended, probably in the 1930s


This extract is taken from the 25″ OS map for 1915, sheet 33.9

‘The Lodge’ lies on the sharp bend at the north end of Main Street. This view of the building from the east appeared on a postcard. It was probably taken in the 1920s, before the house was extended.
This view was taken in around 1910, and shows, on the left, the corner of the building from the south. and to the right the top row of cottages on Main Street.  The space between, with the large trees is probably the original alignment of Main Street before the late 18th Century, when it was diverted away from Papplewick Hall.
This view shows that the building has been extended, and bay windows added. The stone frontage to the garden (seen to the right of the building) are thought to have been built of materials recovered from Papplewick Grange. The materials for the front extension, including the oriel window may also have been salvaged from Papplewick Grange when it was demolished in the 1930s.
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